January 31st, 2011


I overdid it and survived

For various reasons (mostly bad, but I was doing *something* constructive) I had a late night Thursday which wasn't great when I woke up early on Friday for my hospital appointment.  Since I was awake (my body always knows when I want to get up early, but its response to wake me up several times until one of them is close enough), I did physio.  And more physio.  And more - almost an hour in total.   Yeah, I hadn't done any the previous day.

My breathing tests pretty much reflected how I felt (FVC ~4.1 down from ~4.6, FEV1 ~2.1 down from 2.4 or more) - down but not worthy of true worry, considering the cold and damp weather.  Indeed, this blog proved its worth again since thinking about the last post meant I knew exactly what I thought was going on.  Result:  exactly what I hoped for happened, I was given some oral antibiotics to help push through the improvement already happening.

As an aside, the new consultant was looking at my chart, "Oh, he's lost weight".  "Yes", came the reply from the rest of the team, "that's deliberate."  I mention this, because I like this doctor.  She not only accepted without question the word of the team, but had the confidence to tell me about it.  I can't be absolutely sure because of my memory, but I'm pretty certain this was the registrar of whom I asked the nurses, "Can we keep her?" early last year.  And of course, I'm pleased that I've finally dropped down from almost being "overweight".

Sleepy, and tired from all the physio, I struggled up the hill I had casually thought, "oh it would be a good idea for me to walk up here".  At one point I couldn't walk forwards up it, only backwards.  I'm odd.  I bought myself the latest Stephen Donaldson before getting home to crash.

An afternoon of work, nothing much to mention.

Then I went out to a leaving do.  I planned to be there for half an hour before going home for food.  Three hours later I finally left, heading to my next pub meet, preparation for the new Firefly larp.  And there was no food on Friday nights, which I had forgotten.  By this point I barely knew where I was standing.  I had to bug a busy ref to remind who I was meant to be talking to (sorry K), ended up having conversations in which someone else finished all my sentences and generally was dopey.  On the other hand, it was not only fun but we hatched some plans.  Of course, being tired meant I had another late night.

Saturday, I slept in, at least until 11 but that was still only 7 hours sleep (told you it was a late night).  However, that was enough time to enact at least one of my present plans, hatched the previous day with help from colleagues.  In my defense, it was only as my brain woke up last week I could even think about such things.  However, there is a lovely independent tea ... ?shop not far from me and I spent a while choosing them - including some flower teas.  Then after lunch we drove over to Wales to celebrate my 1st cousin twice removed's birthday.  His granddaughter had great fun playing her part in keeping the surprise as we waved to them in the car park.  'Twas a great afternoon.

And then I crashed.  My sleep pattens have gone again and I'm tired.  It didn't help that I accidentally took a double dose of antibiotics after lunch which left me feeling slightly queasy all afternoon.  So after this, I will do a little bit of Tai Chi and head home to chill (and, if I'm sensible which I'm not, an early night).