July 13th, 2011


The big health post

It's been ages since my last post and I seem to have tons of things happening.

But I can't remember them.  That's what this blog is meant to be for.  Unfortunately I have been playing catch-up for most of this year and other things have taken priority.  I'm almost up to speed now, except I have six months of tidying to do.  Still I'm trying to cross something off my list every night, even if it's a small post like this.

So my current state:  tired, unfit and probably stuff buried on my lungs.  At least my diabetes is fairly stable and I haven't needed any antibiotics.  Unfortunately I have to increase my lung function to satisfy both myself and the doctors (it was .... tolerable when I had an appointment in March).  Tai Chi is good for making me feel good, and no doubt helped when I was tired, but isn't particulary good cardiovascular exercise.  Hopefully the upcoming holiday will fix that.

And thus ends a very poor summary of my health.