August 8th, 2011


Raspberries and earwigs

Due to unusual circumstances, I ended up at the family allotment picking raspberries.  Of course, the oral antibiotics make me light-sensitive so I put out my hat.  Which I forgot, but it should be ok, it's very cloudy.  Except just as I enter the fruit cage, the clouds roll away.  But it's only for half an hour!  So I'm now a little bit more red and will remember my hat next time.

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to balance out my need to pace myself with the need to chop giant cabbages and earwigs.  To be fair, I wasn't trying to actually chop the earwigs and many of them ran off to hide in various dark corners, but you can't always see them when they bury deep into the green and so more than one ended up gashed, without an antennae or litterally cut in two.  Sorry guys.