August 13th, 2011


The Tan Tien

Tuesday was busy.  Got up early to help with a hospital collection, wasn't needed, then the usual craziness at work.

My first acupuncture session post-holiday and post lung function revelation.  The diagnosis?  Phlegm, and lots of it.  I spent the rest of the night bringing up all the stuck stuff, which must have dated back to the holiday and beyond.  I also asked about the Tan Tien.  This is the point we have been taught to breathe from when doing Tai Chi, just below the belly button, which when I read the purple Tai Chi book was explained to be an acupuncture point.  It turns out there are in fact three of these, one for each of the lower, middle and upper burners (kidneys, spleen and lungs, sort-of).  My acupuncturist wondered why we were only taught one - while the lower burner is better for general health, it doesn't address the actual affliction I have.

So an hour later, I tried breathing from a different point for my Tai Chi and, having not actually done much coughing since just after the acupuncture session, I started bringing loads of rubbish up an hour or so into the session.  Asking the teacher afterwards, I got a huge, huge slap on the wrist.  No. Don't do that. Why? I can target my breath anywhere, why not there?  Maybe, but not for meditation.  It's an advanced technique and you barely understand basic meditation.  Ok.

So I don't breathe from there for Tai Chi.  But I was very impressed by the results so I HAVE been incorporating that location into my physio and it really does seem to help.  Somehow breathing from there seems to open up the chest.  Unfortunately, because of a super-long Monday and Tuesday and some lack of sleep, I was too tried Wednesday and Thursday to put it all into practice.  Yesterday I took some no.24 (temperature neutral phlegm removal) and did a long physio, bringing up huge amounts.  I'm trying again today, but a random hyper last night meant again I didn't sleep great.  Maybe I can sleep this afternoon.

My diabetes is being a pain at the moment, my digestion period seems to be longer and harder, and my blood sugars often creep up at night (really, they were 4.x when I went to bed one night and 9.x by morning).  I'm used to that when eating cake, not so much with other food.  However, memory says it comes from tightness so my osteopath appt on Wednesday will help.