August 29th, 2011


Five years

My original title for this post was going to be Gnash and Wahl, but then it got longer.  Tuesday 16th was a bad day for me.  I had a hospital appointment in the morning and, trying to establish the right length stubble for Saturday, I went to shave.  Oh look, my third dead shaver.  It’s not like I even misuse them!  This one actually had a proper warranty, but meh.

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So that’s the tale of what happened, which should explain my mysterious silence.  Time now for the diagnostic bits.  Immediately after I started oral antibiotics almost four weeks ago, I started clearing phlegm from my lungs (in combination with breathing from the tan tien and no. 24).  This continued with the IVs, moving stuff I just hadn’t realised was there, despite my ‘best’ efforts previously.  I have now mostly cleared all of that, and if I had energy I would be clearing the stuff from the deeper recesses.

As a consequence, at the end of the first week my FEV1 had leapt up to about 3.05 litres, my FVC jumped over about two litres.  These are my best results for five years (oh look, since the last IVs).  This agrees with my previous assertions that I was actually quite healthy apart from my lungs.  I would also claim that it also agrees with my acupuncturist, that I had just had lots of phlegm.  Sure there was an element of infection (it’s what happens) but it hadn’t been rampant until recently.  In fact, I would assume most of it came since my last lot of (extra) oral antibiotics, post-dissertation November 2009. Where does that leave me?  Clearly, it’s not just a case of exercise like my hypothesis three weeks ago.  I would also hate to think it’s about having IVs every couple of years.  It seems to me like I need to renew a lot of the treatment I let slip during the course of my Masters:
  • Exercise.  While my lung capacity wasn’t due to poor “lung muscles”, nevertheless regular exercise will shake up and help clear the chest like nothing else.  Also generally healthy.  As mentioned previously, this is referring to aerobic exercise – Tai Chi sadly doesn’t count.
  • Physio.  I’m not sure where this will go.  Sure, my technique suffered horribly and I’m still having difficulty doing it properly, but if there’s nothing to shift what can I do?  I suspect that I will somehow have to force myself to (try to) do proper physio at least once per week.
  • Nebulisers.  Perhaps now I don’t have the stress of essays, I will be able to keep on top of watching my nebuliser bits, because I don’t think I can any longer claim that the nebulised Colomycin does nothing/is not needed.  Also, if I’m doing a good physio once per week, hypertonic saline could well be part of that.
Whatever happens, it feels like it will be a lot of work and a long slog.  Since I’m currently exhausted, it’s a gloomy outlook at present.  Heck, I should be doing physio now but I’m using my energy on getting this down because I need to get it out of my head and that’s normal for me.  My head is bursting with stuff, so slowing down to look after my health is going to be agonising.  The only hope I have is that once my veins lose the antibiotic (and moreso when I start doing proper exercise), I have more energy than before so using some of it to do things properly won’t be such a problem.

And if any of you are kind enough to encourage me to stay on track, I will try not to snap at you. Much.
Just a quick addendum on my diabetes.  By Thursday, I was taking half the amount of insulin that I was at the beginning of my incarceration, but altogether it was pretty crazy with changing diabetes, different food and different food patterns.  Since I've come home, I have needed more insulin again but I'm fine with that - and it should shrink again post-osteopath and post-tiredness.  Altogether, despite my fingers feeling like pin cushions, I did a pretty good job of keeping them about right.