September 3rd, 2011


Firefly CCG - how design works*

After a few months of our amazing local Firefly LARP, and seeing the fantastic pictures that came out of it, I wanted to make a CCG.  Of course, life isn’t that smooth so I don’t have enough card images, not even for the simple card-matching game I came up with as a an idea for a mostly spoiler-less postgame activity.  This did at least reveal that I wasn’t the only one interested, at least in theory.
With the images not available, I put the CCG on hold until I realised I could still make one for the show.  My original plan was for each player to have a different “Captain” – Independent (i.e. Mal), Criminal or Alliance, who would then work through missions on different planets/moons, following a MECCG type plan.  It got quite far with cards going around my head, and systems of payment and insanity ticking along nicely.

Collapse )

That’s pretty much as far as I’ve got at this point.  I have card ideas whirling around my head but nothing down.  Frankly, I feel I want a visual reference at this point which means creating something in MSE to mock them up and while I can, I have other priorities at this point – like all the Rage updates I am meant to be doing.  But if anyone wants to chip in at this point, please do.
* Or MY design process anyway.