September 20th, 2011


Too hard too fast

So how have I been doing?  Good and bad, but a lot of miserable.

Let's start with the good.  I've only missed one nebulising in 3 weeks, my lungs are mostly clear and I've done a lot of exercise.

Buuuut, I got tired.  Specifically, on Friday I just couldn't think to such a point I retreated into doing useless things like playing games on the computer again.  It got better Monday when I managed to sleep in the afternoon then get start reading a novel (*gasp*).  I was pretty worried there for a while but I came to the conclusion I just overdid it.  It still leaves me in a quandary though:  am I simply recovering from the reeling that I took from the IVs (in which case I normally won't have to do as much physio); or is my new regime taking up so much energy that I won't be able sustain working my current hours?

It's very hard to tell, I don't have a lot of evidence and I am still too tired to think about it cleary.  The weather (low pressure) isn't helping, and it's possible I also had a mild bug; I definitely had some kind of inflamed tendon in my left shoulder on Thursday night through to Sunday.   These little things aren't a problem in themselves, but when you're walking a tightrope these little things can push you over the edge.  Certainly I am going to have to more forcibly remove myself from front line activities at work, for my own sake.  It's not like I don't have things to do.

In related news, I have been mostly taking no.24 to move gunk off my lungs and it has been very effective.  Thursday morning I spent doing physio (probably one reason I zonked out Friday).  However, the bigger problem is the resurging heat. However, acupuncture today pointed to the phlegm being mostly clear so I focus on clearing the heat (no.14) more than phlegm heat (10b/26).

And now I'm tired again so I'm going to bed.