November 15th, 2011


The one with flu.

Three weeks ago I had a disappointing trip to the hospital.  Not terrible, but I was feeling rubbish and the senior registrar wanted me back in three weeks.  That night my acupuncturist diagnosed not static chi as expected but depleted chi.  Effectively my body was out of energy which was how I felt.  Taking my big tonics - no.20 - really started to make a difference - until the cold/flu that I had been brewing came online over the next week.  Fever, post-nasal drip and a lot of coughing.  The fever passed within a day - pretty good going really - but it went to my lungs and I was off work for four days getting them back.  No.19 worked a treat for some reason (see below), but it was mostly 23 and 24 that helped me through it.

Acupuncture last week and he found phlegm heat.  Not surprising, dealing with the bug let things go wild elsewhere, so more physio and 14 to deal with that.

In good news, over the weekend my concentration really started to come back.  Admitedly I chose to put it to one side and play DC Universe Online, but at least it was a choice to build up reserves rather than push things.  Luckily, I don't think DCU has addicted me to mmorpgs - it's pretty, cleverly designed and has lots of choices but ultimately it's just a combat game and won't draw me in any more than Mortal Kombat ever did.

So that's why I've been out of it again.  I knew recovery after the IVs was going to be hard but it's demoralising when you can't do anything.  If it's bad for me - I've been described as always cheerful - I can only sympathise with those without that;  or have just been knocked back this way too many times.

The good news is that my lung function is back again.  The critical one, FEV1, went up from 2.36 to 2.76 (66%) compared to its height of 3.01 during IVs. My peak flow, not that important, was 537;  odd since when I tested it at home elsewhen it was 450 at most.  Definitely an improvement (and it's not the home reader; I checked!).  Sure, I'm sure seeing the osteopath yesterday helped but it's all promising. My blood results from last week showed my IgE (effectively, a measure of inflamation/reaction) had been up at 400 (as opposed to the norm, below 100).  That explains why no.19 was so effective previously and I'll probably take more now I know.

I'm still tired and it's still hard work but it's better.  Onwards and upwards. But apologies for  still being behind on stuff.