December 28th, 2011


A healthy Christmas

While I didn't quite feel up to going to London this year, I did at least last through Christmas not only in one piece but at least a little bouncy.

I had five days of good partying (which is a lot by my standard, even pacing myself through the days) after which I saw my acupuncturist who diagnosed heat. Lots of it. Which is pretty much a good sign that I've been pushing myself and almost certainly dates back to the team away day (see passim). I still don't regret it, but I need to remember to assume heat in future after such a day. It would have made my life simpler and I was silly to assume it was damp phlegm. I was reminded that I don't GET damp phlegm. Still, this does partially explain occasional moments of shoutiness (the other part being natural tendencies); apologies to those affected).

So I have been taking lots of no.14 and some no.10b to cool down my lungs considerably. It's mostly worked but now the rush of Christmas is over I need to lie down and do proper, proper physio because I'm sure there's stuff not moving. But compared to recent years, this is all good. Even my concentration is coming back. Sort-of.