August 24th, 2020


Convention game notes 2020

2020 has had one joyous element which I have taken good advantage of: online conventions. Normally at cons I like to mostly do demos, playtesting and flipping between stalls but this time I signed up to a bunch of games I can't normally play and enjoyed myself. Plus I got to go to two US games conventions which I would never be able to do normally. The rest of this post is my impressions of games I played, but just short ones.

Onyx Path Con (June)


Thers's no denying that the world of Pugmire is fun. Alas it's not particularly original, and it runs on D20 which is the least original mechanic around. So it's never going to be the game for me, but if you like that combination then you'll almost certainly like playing it. (On that note, all the adverts in my Facebook feed tell me that if you like D&D5 then there are tons of cool worlds around to pick from.)

Concept: anthromorphised animals Do Fantasy

Rules focus on: Player challenge & maths

Trinity: Aeon

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