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Back to normal?

Six weeks worth to blog... and I've forgotten most of it. Let's see how I do.

Although I was due to return to work on the Friday, I took it off as holiday in the end because I wanted to spend the time getting Things done. As it turned out, I wasn't ready to go back and spent most of the weekend sleeping and coughing. I was actually very worried because I appeared to be going backwards but eventually I saw my acupuncturist he wasn't worried at all. It was just heat from yang-chi deficiency. Taking lots of the right herb (23 I think) did, in time, resolve that. Still, between snow problems, cold and a heavy workload at work it took a while to recover. I managed to miss my hospital appointment but it was probably for the better since it would have shown poor lung function without understanding the reasons for it. Still, snow was easier here since transport to work at worst meant walking up a hill from which most of the snow and ice was cleared. The one day the buses weren't running, the University closed anyway.

For whatever reasons, my good routine of going to be at 11 most nights has been utterly destroyed by all this. Even though I'm almost at normal (not quite full) strength I'm still missing breakfast too often because my pacing is wrong. It's a battle I keep trying to fight and failing. Grrrrrr.

The other one is trying to get back in the habit of Tai Chi. Unfortunately, I find my very long list of things to do very distracting, not least when I actually have the energy to do them (luckily the list is getting a little shorter).

I'm still getting a little heat but at the moment the cycle is fairly well contained as long as I take the right herbs. And that's where I am now.
Tags: chinese herbs, cystic fibrosis, tiredness

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