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8 months in summary

I had a fairly drawn out first 6 months in 2013. Work was hard, weather was bad and I think I had a hard time recovering from where IVs had left me at Christmas. I wasn't ill, just not fully focussed. I neglected my lj, my health record. This was partly because it was getting circular, a lot due to lack of time and energy; and then something very positive happened which affected my life but which I didn't want to talk about here. I also got shingles, which was fun (very mild though, and only three days off).

Luckily, by September I was in better health and good spirits. I also didn't need to spend precious energy learning the ropes of hall duties. I did get a bug just before fresher's week and stupidly went to a new LARP (BSG, not-so-good series, fun game though). It was my only suspect decision - fresher's week meant being out most nights because the new arrivals space had been finished on the day the students arrived meaning some key elements were not in place and there hadn't been enough time to walk the site and plan.

Still by being careful for the next while I survived ... until end of November. My lung function dropped suddenly during a long three weeks of rain. Due to the unrelenting nature of this term at work, I just didn't have the reserves to deal with it properly so I ended up taking oral antibiotics and two weeks off sick to rest, exercise and do physio. It mostly worked (my results were about the same as in April) but there was strong pressure from the hospital to have IV antibiotics. I took my first Christmas outside Bristol (other than I think I was in Birmingham Heartlands hospital once; I don't think that counts), and it was only in the gym on my return that I was happy that the huge lung clearance at 3am Boxing Day was just the train journey shaking pieces loose.

I am still not all there. The cold and the damp do me no favours, and my lung function is no better than the hospital appointment when I fought not to have IVs, but my health didn't decline, even improved, while other CF patients were falling prey to the weather and taking to hospital.

But I am doing much better than last year and just have to survive the bad weather. And get earlier nights - it's hard to get out of holiday timing :D
Tags: cystic fibrosis, lung function

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