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It's worth noting that there's been some rain. Bits of Britain are flooding that haven't flooded for 100 years and the highest water marks on bridges are finally being rewritten. This hasn't been good for me, nor for many people with CF. Admitedly this has been worse for those whose homes are submerged but that is a very different story.

Two weeks ago my lungs had phlegm and they had heat, which soon after would have become damp heat (leading to fire poison). I was out of my main cooler, 29, so I took 27 (cools and moistens lungs) but as before it didn't help me clear my rather cluttered chest. I stepped up to no.14, a large cooler which is normally a precursor to IVs if it fails. In fact I thought it WAS failing until I realised that my diabetes was getting worse but not following my lungs. After a very shaky weekend, I realised that my lungs were no longer suffering heat from excess but had moved onto being deficient.

A quick reverse ferret to a tonic, no.21, helped a little but not a lot. And I was getting drier and drier. On Tuesday night I literally couldn't sleep because both my lungs and throat were horribly dry. After getting up for a firearm forced me into thinking mode, I took the last dregs of the rehydrating formula, 26. Finally I could sleep. But I was so tired and ill by that point I had to take Wednesday off work.

Acupuncture was already planned for Thursday, sooner rather than later in this weather. I was consoled by three things:

  1. There wasn't much heat

  2. There wasn't much phlegm

  3. I had, eventually, got the diagnosis correct

Well, sort of. I get confused between my kidneys and my spleen. I had been taking a tonic for the spleen (21) which is why it wasn't helping. We discussed a new formula since I don't have much for the kidney. 29 helps. But so does 30, which last time gave me a headache. No 30 cools kidney and lung, is a tonic for both and has something to keep things moving. It's my most complicated formula since it has a couple of other herbs in there. However, considering that it screamed 'THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED' we agreed I would try it again with some others as options (the other rehydrator, 23, is on order; and 29 would be a little help).

I tried a little 30 last night, with a touch of 29. As I lay in bed afterwards, I kept being disturbed as my lungs wanted clearing. It was disconcerting, but even as I was clearing it my head and lungs both seemed clearer. I didn't get a headache.

I'm going to keep taking 30 over the weekend because although I have stopped the rot, I need get back into working order (I could barely think yesterday, slow but progressive today). Not my favourite week, but at least I could solve it with non-invasive options.

Onwards and upwards!
Tags: chinese herbs, cystic fibrosis, damp, heat, kidneys

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