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Head and Lungs

Balancing health and werewolves

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a pervasive genetic disease, and a passion for gaming (ok, I guess the latter was learned; I blame the teacher who taught me Bridge when I was 9). Four things take up most of my life: gaming, my health, work and my other half. I'll only be posting about the first two.

Card Games (especially CCGs, notably Rage and M:tG);
Roleplaying (historically White Wolf games, but getting more varied);
Board Games & any other kind of game - I am just too competitive;
Game Design: I am a developer for the Rage CCG fan sets and also (try to) design other games. Lack of dedication and energy has meant I haven't got as far as I would like.

I do like learning new computer languages, but only as I need to;
Similarly other software;
Computer are a varied and interesting tool, not an end unto themselves.

I just love to talk, in person or over the computer, and that includes writing blogs and articles for Rage;
I do rules and form-filling too.

I know some librarians who really love the act of cataloguing; I just have a head for order (unknown in my personal space) and for words.

Fantasy and Science Fiction:
I tend to group these together, part escapism, mostly as an excuse to address problems from a different direction. I am not so keen on "hard" science fiction books, but my range of Fantasy authors is huge (helped by an adolescence raiding that part of the library).

See Fantasy and Science Fiction! Plus, you have to laugh at this world around us.